“Come, Follow Me”

During the last few weeks, many parish families received a letter from Cardinal Cupich requesting your participation by making a pledge to the 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal. We ask that you respond as generously as possible.

The Appeal supports both Parish and Archdiocesan ministries and services.

This year, the theme of the Appeal is “Come, Follow Me.” We have all received God’s love. By financially supporting the ministries and services funded by the ACA, we help to extend God’s love to many, many others.

As you review the mailing from Cardinal Cupich, please note the ministries and services funded by the Appeal, including the ones that directly support the work of our parish. Then please give generously. Note, when our parish reaches its goal of $22,076 in paid pledges, 100% of the additional funds received will be returned to us for use in our Parish. That money can be used towards the picnic for our 150th Anniversary and/or for school repairs.