FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

Dr. Denis McNamara engaged many parishioners and non parishioners in a fantastic presentation on the theological nature of church buildings as “heaven on earth”.

Thank you Dr. McNamara! Thank you to all who came out to learn about the beauty and radiance of our church building.

Video of Dr. McNamara’s presentation coming soon!


Join Dr. Denis McNamara, of Mundelein’s Liturgical Institute, at St. Peter Church, for an engaging talk on the theological nature of church buildings as “heaven on earth.” Focusing especially on the traditional of Gothic architecture which inspired our church. The talk will explain how the theology of architecture found in scripture and the developed tradition of the Church leads to our own encounters with the transformative beauty of God in the sacred liturgy. Come learn how and why color, radiance and sacred images are central to worship, and how the church building is intended as a witness to the world.