ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, we will begin accepting Mass Intentions for 2020, and beginning this year, we will be using a new system to streamline the process for submitting your Mass Intention requests! In the vestibule of the Church you will find forms and envelopes. Please fill out one of these forms with your Mass Intention requests. All request must be submitted on this form with payment. You may put the form and payment in one of the envelopes provided in the vestibule and place it in the Collection beginning on Sunday, September 29th. You may also mail your form and payment to the Parish Office. No Mass Intention forms will be honored if submitted early. The Mass stipend is $10.00 for each Mass. If you would like a Mass Card, it is an additional $2.00, and the Card will be placed in the Baptistry of the Church before the following weekend, for your pickup. Intentions are on a first come, first served basis. If your dates are unavailable, you will be assigned the closest available date. Please make sure to indicate preferences for each intention and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. Confirmation of dates and times will be sent by email within 2 weeks of receipt of your form.