JULY 12, 2019

Please support Life at the Face the Truth Tour sponsored by ProLife Action League on Friday, July 12 from 9 am 􏰅10:30 am in Lake Zurich on the corners of Rt. 12 and Rt. 22.

You will hold life-size pictures of babies after they have been aborted and pictures showing the various stages of a baby before he/she is born. Many hearts and minds have been changed after seeing these signs.

Last year, a baby was saved because of the presence of pro-lifers holding these signs. A young woman, who had scheduled an abortion appointment, drove by in either Lake Zurich or Palatine. Later, the young woman and her mother drove to Arlington Heights, which is the last stop on the Face the Truth tour that day. They informed a pro-lifer that the young woman decided to choose life for her unborn baby because she had seen the pictures of the aborted babies earlier that day.

More dates and times of all of the locations throughout this Tour will be available on the flyers in the vestibule and online at ProLifeAction.org