DECEMBER 7 & 8, 2019


The Women’s Centers of Greater Chicagoland will host their annual Christmas Wreath Sale in the school on the weekend of Dec. 7 & 8 after all of the Masses. There will be an assortment of fresh holiday wreaths and centerpieces ranging in prices from $5 to $40. Proceeds from the sale are used to provide counseling, social service referrals and material goods assistance to young women who are faced with a crisis pregnancy. Your support of this worthy cause is deeply appreciated. Cash and checks accepted.


Pro-Life Christmas Caroling

Saturday, Dec. 14–The Pro-Life Action League will be hosting the Peace in the Womb Christmas caroling event. Choose to attend 3 abortion facilities in DuPage County or 4 abortion facilities in Chicago.

DuPage County:
9 a.m. Planned Parenthood–Aurora
10 a.m. Access Health Center–Downers Grove
11 a.m. Aanchor Health Center–Glen Ellyn


9 a.m. Family Planning Associates–Downtown
10 a.m. Planned Parenthood–LaSalle St.
11 a.m. American Women’s Medical Center–Western Ave.
12 p.m. Family Planning Associates–Milwaukee Ave.

You will go to each abortion facility for about 20 minutes to sing Christmas carols in booklets, which are provided by the organizers, and then drive to the next abortion facility.

During the 1st Christmas caroling event several years ago, a woman, who was lying on the examining table in the abortion facility, heard the Christmas carolers singing outside, changed her mind about the abortion, quickly left the facility, and saved her baby.

This event brings the Christmas message of peace and joy to the darkness of the abortion facility.

For more information on times and locations, check out: Northeast Illinois “Peace in the Womb” Christmas Caroling Tours – Pro-Life Action League