“Those who approach the sacrament of Penance obtain pardon from God’s mercy for the offense committed against him, and are, at the same time, reconciled with the Church which they have wounded by their sins and which by charity, by example, and by prayer labors for the conversions.” 1422 CCC


After 8am Mass Monday through Friday
Before 8 am Mass Saturday (when a priest is available)
Before all weekend Masses
By Appointment


We should…
1. …examine our consciences regularly and thoroughly;
2. …wait our turn in line patiently;
3. …come at the time confessions are scheduled, not a few minutes before they are to end;
4. …speak distinctly but never so loudly that we might be oveheard;
5. …state our sins clearly and briefly without rambling;
6. …confess all mortal sins in number and kind;
7. …listen carefully to the advice the priest gives;
8. …confess our own sins and not someone else’s;
9. …carefully listen to and remember the penance and be sure to understand it;
10. …use a regular formula for confession so that it is familiar and comfortable;
11. …never be afraid to say something “embarrassing”… just say it;
12. …never worry that the priest thinks we are jerks…. he is usually impressed by our courage;
13. …never fear that the priest will not keep our confession secret… he is bound by the Seal;
14. …never confess “tendencies” or “struggles”… just sins;
15. …never leave the confessional before the priest has finished giving absolution;
16. …memorize an Act of Contrition;
17. …answer the priest’s questions briefly if he asks for a clarification;
18. …ask questions if we can’t understand what he means when he tells us something;
19. …keep in mind that sometimes priests can have bad days just like we do; remember that priests must go to confession too … they know what we are going through.