The ancient rite of the Catechumenate for Adults, comprising several
distinct steps leading towards a person’s new life of grace by Baptism,
was restored by Pope Paul VI. The period of the catechumenate, which is intended as a time of instruction in the faith and the living out of the Christian life, is thus sanctified by sacred rites to be celebrated at successive intervals. It is important that these rites be celebrated amidst the entire parish community as we come together to accept & encourage our new brothers & sisters into our ecclesial family.

The first rite administered is the Rite of Acceptance and Welcoming;
Which will take place at the 9:30am Mass on Sunday, December 1, 2019.
After having expressed interest in either being Baptized into the Catholic faith or being received fully into the union of the Catholic Church, Inquirers and Candidates gather at the threshold of the Church where they publicly declare their desire to enter into the fullness of the Christian life. All of the faithful also declare their assent to support, guide, and pray for the Inquirers and Candidates on their pilgrimage in this new way of life.

Having declared their intent to continue in the Catechumenate, the now Catechumens (those to be baptized) and the Candidates (those already baptized) are welcomed into the church and, for the first time, are formally invited to hear the Word of God proclaimed as well as to participate together with the parish community in the first part of Holy Mass, the Mass of the Catechumens.

After the Liturgy of the Word and the homily all of the faithful, by right of their Baptism and communion with the Church of Rome, then pray for the Catechumens and Candidates before they are dismissed from the assembly to receive further instruction on the scriptures they have just heard.