Crusaders for Life

The Crusaders for Life is an organization run by St. Peter’s own teens to celebrate all life and do our part in putting a stop to abortion. Often partnered with the Chicago Crusaders for Life, we bring the joy and our bright yellow hoodies to rallies, protests, and marches. Yet, that is not the extent of what we do. While tons cheering and balloons are good for marches, it is necessary that all members be informed on exactly what they are cheering about. We host monthly meetings at the St. Peter’s School to further educate our members on various and important things that every pro-life person should know. We bring in speakers who teach us better ways to talk to people who approach us, ways to talk to women who have gone through an abortion, and ways to talk to people who have different beliefs than us by finding common ground. The three most important things we must know are the P’s of our code: People. Prayer. Politics. These are the tools we use to fight the abomination of abortion. Our group is geared towards ages 13-18, although all people are welcome to attend the marches and rallies. Please visit our Facebook pages and site to learn more about us, “that enthusiastic pro-life group that wears yellow, does chants, and has those awesome balloons”

The ‘Crusaders for Life’ is a youth-led grassroots movement of pro-life youth. The Crusaders are committed to educating themselves on all life issues in order to defend life with confidence and conviction.

The Crusaders understand that the biggest tools to conquer the culture of death are prayer and love. Spreading their message in all that they do, they have become known for their spirited and joyful enthusiasm and signature yellow ‘Life Balloons’ which have become an international symbol of the joy of the pro-life movement.

Meetings are once a month on the first Saturday beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the St. Peter School Building

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Council (2018-2019)
President: Hope Miller
Vice President: Savannah Dudzik
Secretary: Anastacia Smith
Media: Noah Miller
Treasurer & Advisor: Fr. Nathan Caswell, SJC

Our main events of the year are the Chicago March for Life in January, Washington DC March, Our Life Tour (Location TBD), and Lifapalooza (summer). These events are traveling events (except the Chicago March) that last multiple days.